This brand was first launced in China in 2005, but shortly after one year, it
withdrew from China market. In 2010, it re-launched  again. Its sales network
mainly focus on CS channels.   In 2014, we start distributing and promoting
this brand online. After a thorough market research and target customer
analysis, we use its concealer as the flagship product to drive the market, and
it quickly became a hot and trending product. In 2014, the total sales of the
brand is about 1 billion, and our stores' sales is 10 million, which accounts for
1% of the total sales of the brand.

This brand is absolutely with no brand awareness at all in
China when we start promoting it in 2014. We study the
function of brand and connect with the primary pain point of
customers, and use KOL and social media to market the brand,
it became so popular that we clear all their inventories. We sell about 40000 pieces in one year.

It was a very small brand when we started selling this prodcut.
Due to its high price, it was not sellling well in China. We
conducted a questionnaire survey to our loyal customers and
followers to find out the core problems. We introduced
dermatologist and experts to do online live show and
offline tutorials to promote the product. Once people used
the products, the feedback is very positive regardless its
pricing.  We sold about 10000 units in 2013.

LEATHER & BROWN                    

GLOVES                                   $79.99

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